The Boyhood Project.

BOYHOOD: Coming soon.

It’s common of individuals that are often “othered” (Gay, bi, Trans, Queer), to experience feelings of exhaustion when navigating heteronormativity, the consequences of the pervasive culture it gives birth to, and racism as a norm within the LGBTQ community to name a few hurdles. However, without fear of sounding cliché, every cloud has a silver lining. Each one of these hurdles, provides a cause for dialog, learning, understanding and healing, within a community that often ostracizes when it should embrace. With all of this being said, not everyone shares the same experience and that is what Boyhood understands. 

Boyhood is a web series highlighting the unique experiences of gay + queer men. The series looks at the experiences through the lens of diverse individuals, discussing and deconstructing topics such as:the challenges of coming out to ones’ friends and family, to the misconceptions and micro aggressions an individual may endure while online dating, and everything in between.  As we take a deep dive into some of the challenging parts of the gay and queer male experience, we hope to raise awareness, challenge the norms and foster conversations that transcend just the individuals they affect.